I’ve never done this on my channel before… I’m actually making a series based on the book I’m writing on parenting. This is the first video in the series. So many people I speak with are always looking for the “how to’s”. How to do this, how to do that… especially with their kids. But what if there was something deeper than the “how to’s”? What if there was a way to get more insight into how to deal with your kids? Something that was more fundamental, simple and truer. The first step in the journey begins with really appreciating the value of understanding. So I guess you can say this video is about understanding understanding… If that makes sense to you 🙂 Or the value of understanding in of itself. In this video I discuss: -The value of understanding -How coping skills don’t necessarily help. -How there is a deeper awareness which is more helpful regardless of approach. -The need for more insight around your kids. -Parents have access to more wisdom than they may realize. -Parenting tips, Parenting Hacks and Parenting Advice.