Innate Health

“Look for the psychological logic… the logic of the psyche.”
– Sydney Banks

William James, known as the father of American psychology, dreamed of the day when “principles” would be discovered for the field of psychology. Principles, in any field, reduce that field to a simple, clear and true understanding. Principles, break a topic down to its most rudimentary form and explain the “unexplainable”.

James’s dream has now become reality.  There are guiding Principles that inform our psychological experience. Whether realized or not, these Principles are always in motion. They are, and have been, creating psychological experience from the moment we were born and from the beginning of time. There is a pre-existing logic to how we work. The value of being aligned with the truth of these Principles is immeasurable.

All feelings are a result of these Principles at work.  All the “colors” of the human experience are created via this simple, yet profound paradigm.

These Principles point an individual towards love and understanding and peace of mind. Seeing this simple fact is essential in moving towards emotional health, stability and peace of mind. Whether you are suffering or just want to feel less stressed, peace of mind is one thought away.

“Only with a peaceful mind will your thoughts see the beauty around you”
- Sydney Banks

What are the 3 Principles of Innate Health?

The 3 principles are the universal constants that create all human experience.


Mind is the Universal Intelligence of all life. It’s the creator of life. It is what allows us to operate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many people refer to Mind as G-D.


The power of Thought works independent of who we are. Thought, is compared to gravity. It’s a constant force that’s always at work. From the day we’re born until the day we die we have thoughts running through our heads. The more we understand our thoughts never take a break, the less attachment we have to it, and more importantly the less we believe them.


Consciousness is our awareness of our thinking. It works hand in hand with thought. It makes our thinking feel and look real. Consciousness makes our thinking come alive.