We’re all struggling with being alone. These words were written by Yanky Raskin. When I read Yanky’s words, I was immediealty inspired to make this video. On Being Alone Even as we are forced into quarantine, we continue to act in ways not to experience the feeling of being alone. We binge watch, eat, smoke, drink, worry, fear and obsess over the news etc. Whatever it takes to escape being alone with ourselves. Where are we running? Why is it so hard to be with ourselves? Well, we think, I am nothing to write home about; We think of what we have done? We look at some of our tendencies, desires and behaviours we engage with till this day. There is discomfort and dis-ease, when we think about ourselves. I can tolerate anyone else…but me. But what if we go deeper, and we discover another layer and perception of this discomfort and dis-ease. What if right beneath the layer of discomfort lies a potential waiting to burst forth and express a perfect soul in motion? What if the pain and discomfort is our mourning that this our true self has yet to emerge? What if the fear is really being scared of the great power we have buried right beneath a thin layer of ugliness? Perhaps it isn’t our smallness we fear to sit alone with, but our greatness. We feel the distance between what we think we can accomplish, the greatness we want to achieve. And the practical reality of where we find ourselves. Today. Rite now, dare to be alone. Dare to be with yourself. Run, but not outward, only inward. Today dare to entertain that there is a part of us which stands alone, due to its greatness. For there is something that you alone can share with this world. ___ This channel is about tips and tricks for emotional wellbeing and resilience. One last thing… Please subscribe to my channel! I also just started Instagram, follow me: https://www.instagram.com/shaya_sussm